UNLIMITED (Positive) Beliefs about Abundance, money, etc....

We live what we believe...

So with that in mind - away we go:

I am a child of the Divine -- abundance is my birthright!

I am a child of the Divine -- I accept nothing less than abundance!

Abundance is my Divine inheritance.

I absolutely deserve it.

I can make an excellent living helping people.

Everyone needs what I have to offer.

I have all the right skills.

I deserve to be comfortable.

My karma is to feel rewarded when I do things for others and for myself.

I feel rewarded when I am able to make a difference in the lives of others.

I enjoy sharing what I have and know with others.

I come from a place of Light, therefore my Light shines.

I learn from all people, rich and poor.

Rich people teach me the importance of doing what I love.

I easily and effortlessly attract financial abundance at all times.

A wealthy spiritual teacher is obviously doing more than one thing right.

Everyone wants what I have to offer and honors its worth.

Everyone recognizes the worth of what I have to offer.

I always have more than enough to share.

My life is so abundant that the more I give, the more I get.

The Divine universe is entirely abundant -- scarcity and lack are man-made creations and I now release them from my consciousness.

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How may I be of service to YOU?